Cmdr. Hadfield Apr27


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Cmdr. Hadfield

If you haven’t been following Col. Chris Hadfield as he Facebooks and Tweets from the International Space Station you’ve really been missing out!

Chris is the first Canadian to command the ISS, and has done something remarkable to bring space so close to home. You can watch him zoom by in the night sky – to us the ISS just looks like a speeding bright dot in the sky, it’s pretty incredible to think there are 6 men on that dot.

Cmdr. Hadfield is due to return to Earth on May 13th, 2013

Week 17 – April 27th, 2013


Commander Hadfield along with the Expedition 35 crew returned safely to Earth on May 13th, 2013 approx 10:30pm EST.  They landed (less than gently) in their Soyuz on the Steppe of Kazakhstan.

Prior to decent the following video was released by Chris Hadfield via YouTube

You can follow the journey as Chris Hadfield re-adapts to gravity and life here on Earth on his Facebook and Twitter pages.

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